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Joe Thomas gets a locker room display at the Super Bowl Experience

The Browns are represented at the Super Bowl by a future Hall of Famer.

NFL: Super Bowl LII Experience Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

There was plenty of fun for fans to have at the Super Bowl LII Experience this week at the Minneapolis Convention Center. One of those experiences was a locker room display of Cleveland Browns left tackle Joe Thomas. You can see a portion of the display at the top, but here is another one that some Browns fans posed in front of:

The display includes head & shoulders, Skittles, a protein bar, and Gatorade stuff at the top. There are an array of jerseys too, and the one on the far right leaves me a little puzzled because it looks like an all-brown jersey with only white lettering. Am I just seeing things? Below that are a hat, gloves, towel, and Microsoft Surface, followed lastly by cleats and a duffle bag.

Pretty neat, eh? Speaking of Thomas, he’s been busy with Andrew Hawkins hosting several great radio segments/bits at the Super Bowl throughout the week. We will try to summarize some of the highlights in the coming week.