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Thoughts on the commercials from Super Bowl 52

Best brand awareness, some Sunny in Philadelphia, a nostalgic moment, and what disappointed in the Super Bowl commercials.

Scene from Jurassic Park Photo by Murray Close/Sygma/Sygma via Getty Images

Everyone has different tastes for Super Bowl commercials, and below are five of mine. Please leave your own thoughts on the commercials in the comments section below!

1. Best Brand Awareness: This category goes to the brand I remember the most, and that is Tide. It’s commercial hit the home run of quick parodies of every typical commercial, but cut to, “Nope, it’s a Tide ad” just at the perfect moment of wondering, “Whose commercial is this?” but before it dragged on too long. They also tied in some past commercials like Old Spice and Mr. Clean, but re-directed the message to Tide. An A+ job here.

My runner-up goes to Doritos and Mountain Dew for using two well-known actors in polar opposite themes, lip syncing to music. It wasn’t a commercial that I particularly enjoyed personally, but I felt instantly that it’d be one people remember.

2. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: I’m a big fan of the TV show, which includes Danny Devito as Frank Reynolds. He was playing neither when he surprisingly appeared in an M&M’s commercial as a human M&M, but it reminded me of the show and therefore had some extra amusement for me.

In addition, several members from the cast of the show were at the game, including DeVito:

Honorable mention for funniest commercial goes to Alexa losing her voice, which was also really well done, and worth an embed:

3. Favorite Nostalgia Moment: There was one commercial that I couldn’t take my eyes off of and made sure there was complete silence. I’m a sucker for nostalgia, and I was already somewhat bummed that the 90-second preview for the next Jurassic World movie happened just before the kickoff. I knew that preview was coming, but I was gearing myself up to see it between quarters. But when I got my dose of Jeff Goldblum re-enacting the dinosaur chase, with a twist, from the first Jurassic Park, it was awesome.

4. Biggest Letdown: I agree that the ‘Dilly, Dilly!’ commercials have gotten over-saturated and dumb really quick. A week or so ago, they teased that they would be on a battlefield, outnumbered big time by a rival tribe and they were all out of Bud Light. The follow-up to that commercial came during the Super Bowl, and I thought for two minutes of air-time, it fell completely flat.

The Bud Knight character itself could have been cool (and in my opinion, was somewhat redeemed by his in-crowd placement later in the game), but the storyline just had me sitting and watching with no emotion. My reaction was, “that was all they could come up with?” Disappointing.

5. Tugging at the Heartstrings: I believe this was the first or second commercial of the actual game, and it’s the one that tugged at the heartstrings the most. It showed a girl born without her lower legs as a 1 billion to 1 longshot at winning an Olympic medal. But as the training began, the odds on the screen kept improving — powerful, culminating in the final achievement of a true story. The only thing I can knock about this commercial is that until I was writing this post, I had no idea this was a Toyota commercial.

How about you, Browns fans? What were your thoughts on the commercials during the game?