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Cleveland Browns Podcast - Next Up On The DBN Network: Ez Does It 2/9/18

A Few Offseason Items To Ponder

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We are now all the way to The Most Important Offseason Of Our Lifetime 2018 and thus it’s worthwhile get back together with you here via the latest installment of Ez Does It

  • The Super Bowl
  • The weird situation in Indy
  • Jimmy Haslam’s real problem
  • Joe Thomas & Podcasting
  • Media, and The Media
  • Brain Types
  • Baker Mayfield and Johnny Manziel

Presumably, there’s even more than that! Don’t take my word for it though: avail yourself of it by hitting the player at the top of the screen, using the widget in between the article and comments’ section (of not just this but every DBN article) or by this snazzy action box:

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Thanks for listening!

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