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As Browns look to extend Jarvis Landry, check out this recent mini-documentary on him

Like everyone else, Landry’s looking for the security of a long-term, post-rookie NFL contract.

Jarvis Landry’s looking to cash in with his second NFL contract, and he’s apparently getting closer to his post-rookie deal payday after being traded to the Cleveland Browns.

Following trade reports, ESPN’s Adam Schefter said the parties are optimistically working on that new deal:

While we’re waiting to hear the details on that pending deal, take a look at Landry’s documentary. The film is short, so it’s able to be digested quickly, and it portrays an image close to what you’d expect from a successful player entering the prime of his career. Landry depicts his struggle from determined child to NFL star, detailing the inspiration and guidance he has received from his mother and former arena league receiver brother. Most relevant for our purposes is his focus during the second-half of the clip, where he lobbies deliberately for his second NFL contract and expresses his dissatisfaction with Miami franchise tagging him.

It’s never a waste of time to get a peak inside the lives of the players who are suiting up for your favorite team, especially in 10 minutes or less. From appearances, Landry looks to have the right mindset and should continue to play hard even after receiving large amounts of guaranteed dollars.

Here’s a few words from our Dolphins affiliate to help you get even more acquainted with the newest Browns receiver: