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Browns Rumors: Free agent targets include Trumaine Johnson, Terrelle Pryor, and more

Take a look at some Browns rumors before free agency kicks off on March 14.

San Diego Chargers v Cleveland Browns Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

The Cleveland Browns aren’t done revamping their roster after three big trades, and they’re now rumored to be targeting several new additions as NFL free agency approaches, according to the Plain Dealer’s Mary Kay Cabot.

“Terrelle Pryor could be coming back home, and the Browns will consider tackles such as Nate Solder to replace Joe Thomas ... the Browns’ trade for Packers cornerback Damarious Randall won’t preclude them pursuing big-name cornerbacks in free agency such as the Rams’ Trumaine Johnson ... [and] also ... Redskins cornerback Brashad Breeland.”

Adding Pryor, Solder, Johnson and Breeland would certainly be a revamp, but they probably wouldn’t stop there.

Cabot thinks the team may be looking to move on from receiver Corey Coleman, so they could be looking for another trade. Despite acquiring Jarvis Landry last week, that would put the team back in the market to add another pass-catcher. Pryor seems to fit the need as a flanker to play opposite of Josh Gordon, leaving Landry and others to fill the underneath roles.

A key takeaway here, though, is the unknown status of stalwart left tackle Joe Thomas. Thomas has still not decided, or made his intentions known to the Browns, whether he’ll retire or return for his 12th NFL season. As a result, the Browns are looking into the tackle market.

“[T]he longer it goes, the more the Browns think he’ll retire, which has them looking around for his replacement,” Cabot reported.

Whatever Thomas decides, the sooner he does it the better. He has mulled this since October after landing on injured reserve from a triceps injury. The sooner he decides, the sooner the Browns can make the appropriate adjustments. However, they should already be eyeing his replacement and planning for the future. Thomas’ days in the league are clearly coming to an end, so they better address one of the marquee positions as soon as possible, and for the long-term.

Remember, deals will not be official until March 14, but the official “tampering period” has begun, so we’re going to start hearing deals have been completed before then.