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Cleveland Browns Podcast - Andrea Hangst Joins Doug Lesmerises’ Takes By The Lake

Building an offense for the mad genius of Todd Haley

Carolina Panthers v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

DBN contributor and all-around football guru Andrea Hangst recently took some time away from writing to appear on the Takes By The Lake podcast with’s Doug Lesmerises.

  • The Browns’ opening window
  • The rest of the AFCN’s prospective decline
  • Sashi Brown and “visionist” history
  • The way the other teams in our division have handled roster-building
  • Ben Roethlisberger’s impact on the Steelers from a roster standpoint over the years
  • Getting guys that “fit” Hue Jackson
  • Player development: developing the offense around the talent you have
  • Todd Haley’s tendencies: balancing his role in the Steelers’ offensive success with that of the talent on that roster
  • The young QB’s available in the draft and how Hue Jackson and Todd Haley may go about making that selection

That’s just scratching the surface - there’s a lot more and it’s a good conversation. Give it a listen here:

It’s certainly worth your time heading into The Most Important Offseason of Our Lifetime 2018. Please give your take in the comments’ section below - and Go Browns!