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Cleveland Browns Podcast - The DBN Network Most Important Free Agency Of Our Lifetimes 2018

F/A Day Coverage Of The Browns’ Movements

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Today is a pretty important day for the Cleveland Browns. In addition to being The Most Important Free Agency Of Our Lifetimes 2018 it also, and quite very unfortunately, marked the end of an era. All of it, as well as the plans coming up for the draft, is covered in the three (3) part series available on The DBN Network:

The retirement of Joe Thomas, while not in anyway unexpected on my part, still is tough to digest. He was so much more than just our best player, and the announcement of his retirement, while made public just today, was probably not an unknown to our front office, which is likely why the push for Nate Solder yesterday as well as the signing of Chris Hubbard from Pittsburgh. He will leave the game as the standard-bearer for the tackle position, as none before have ever done it to his level of consistent excellence.

He will certainly be missed, and yes there should be absolutely no question about him being in the ring of honor, having his jersey retired, building a statue of him outside FOSFEF, re-naming I-90 “Joe Thomas Highway” - all of it, do it and do it right.

Hope you will enjoy the ‘casts, and there is some momentary insight from our friend Darth Batman. If you found it particularly offensive you can give me the business in the comments’ section below, or more personally by emailing:

Thanks for listening!

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