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Rumor at NFL Combine: Chiefs could have interest in trading for QB DeShone Kizer

Could the Browns quarterback be shipped off for a draft pick?

NFL: Cleveland Browns at Pittsburgh Steelers Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

If you go back to late-January, there was a small rumor that the Cleveland Browns might end up trading second-year quarterback DeShone Kizer at some point. If the Browns do what people think — sign a veteran and draft a quarterback with one of their first-round selections — then Kizer would be no better than the No. 3 quarterback on the depth chart in 2018.

Instead of that, the Browns might just look to offload him in favor of some compensation in the draft, and that is what The Chiefs Wire is hearing this week at the NFL Combine:

That means one of the following could happen:

  • Straight up, the Browns receive anywhere between a fourth to fifth round pick in exchange for Kizer.
  • Or, the Browns swap picks to gain a little better position. For example, Cleveland has the first pick of the 5th round, but could trade that pick for one of the Chiefs’ 4th round picks.

After the Chiefs trade Alex Smith, they will be down to Pat Mahomes and Tyler Bray as the only quarterbacks on their roster. Bray has been an undrafted free agent with the Chiefs since 2013, but Kansas City might prefer the ability to develop Kizer as their backup quarterback. Kizer was actually at part of the NFL Combine in Indianapolis this week as part of the NFL Talks show on the NFL Network.