Browns Draft Scenario Board

Based on my, admittedly, limited knowledge of this year's draft class, this article outlines the strategy I would use in to approach the draft.

Pick 1:

- Josh Rosen. I would not accept any trade offer (no matter how absurd).

Pick 4:

- Scenario 1: Draft Chubb if available.

- Scenario 2: Trade back no later than 15 (Arizona), perhaps including pick 22 from Buffalo. Target the following players in this order: - Vea, Bryan, Hurst, Nelson, Edmunds, Davenport, James, Smith, Fitzpatrick, Ward, Oliver, Barkley, Landry, McGlinchey, Isaiah Wynn, Crosby, Guice.

Picks 33 & 35:

- Scenario 1: Draft a player from the above list (see pick 4, Scenario 2).

- Scenario 2: When only two players from the above list remain, package picks together to move up for the highest rate player (this approach should gives us at least a couple of attempts at brokering a reasonable trade deal).

- Scenario 3: All of the players from my above list (In Pick 4, Scenario 2) are off the board. Draft a player from the following list (in this order): - A. Miller, St Brown, Williams, Hernandez, Ridley, Averett, Jones, Penny, Chubb, Michel, Thomas, Reid, Hill.

A final word

Obviously I would look to avoid a situation where I took multiple RBs etc, but I'd follow this board fairly closely. There are some obvious omissions from this list, such as Vander Esch, Jackson, K Miller, Moore, Evans and Sutton to name a few. I just don't like these players this high in the draft.

In truth, I feel this is a weak draft class and am not overly comfortable with a few of the players on my list as top 35 talent. But you can only work with the players in front of you. Hopefully Dorsey and co will unearth some hidden gems along the way.

My ideal first round would bring us Rosen, Chubb and Vea.

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