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Cleveland Browns Podcast - The Most Important Draft Of Our Lifetimes 2018 - Day 1

The DBN Network’s Almost Eight Hours Of Coverage

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Day one of The Most Important Draft Of Our Lifetimes 2018 has concluded, and the question of who would be the Browns’ new signal caller was answered. With the first pick, Cleveland selected Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield, much to the delight of this author.

Then, just three picks later, the Browns selected Ohio State Cornerback Denzel Ward. It’s been twenty-three years since the good guys have selected an OSU player in the first round (1995 - Linebacker Craig Powell).

We began our coverage at 4pm and continued all the way through the first round. Here are the links to all the hours:

We’ll be picking up coverage again Friday afternoon at 4pm (EST) and recap the first round while previewing all who will be available to us in round two. Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Thanks for listening!

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