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2018 NFL Draft: DBN Community Mock Draft (List of Teams)

Thank you to everybody who signed up to be part of the 2018 Dawgs By Nature Community Mock Draft. All teams are now taken.

We are going to kick start this thing right away to make sure we are able to finish in time. Please check the email address you sent me often! It is required that you make your pick within 12-18 hours of receiving the email, although it is preferred that you respond ASAP.

Note: I do not have email addresses for two individuals, and have tried to reach out to them via a message acknowledgement on DBN.

Grimflick is officially on the clock.

DBN Community Mock Draft Order

Pick Team Username
Pick Team Username
1 Cleveland Browns Grimflick
2 New York Giants Your Friendly Neighborhood Esq.
3 New York Jets jclark22
4 Cleveland Browns Keyser Sozze
5 Denver Broncos poultman
6 Indianapolis Colts Browns95*
7 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Ezweav
8 Chicago Bears Ostate84
9 San Francisco 49ers Mudville
10 Oakland Raiders makeaplay59
11 Miami Dolphins Swagnasty
12 Buffalo Bills GratefulDawg
13 Washington Redskins Maul Poleski
14 Green Bay Packers Darth_Batman
15 Arizona Cardinals Brocolis154033
16 Baltimore Ravens Fluke_on_target*
17 Los Angeles Chargers Crawford_T
18 Seattle Seahawks OhioCityBrownsBeliever
19 Dallas Cowboys Topanga Jeff
20 Detroit Lions clefan4lif
21 Cincinnati Bengals Robo Dawg
22 Buffalo Bills a2342432a
23 New England Patriots unoservix
24 Carolina Panthers mrwhitman
25 Tennessee Titans troy145
26 Atlanta Falcons BrianB77
27 New Orleans Saints Legoman0721
28 Pittsburgh Steelers xfl2001fan
29 Jacksonville Jaguars kizer america
30 Minnesota Vikings pt_999
31 New England Patriots JohnW81
32 Philadelphia Eagles Adam Rice
33 Cleveland Browns fjblessi
34 New York Giants anthszabo
35 Cleveland Browns tmartin5785