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Cabot: Tim Montgomery, who worked with Josh Gordon, also worked with Antonio Callaway

The former Olympian believes that Gordon will be a “big brother” to the new Browns receiver.

Baltimore Ravens v Cleveland Browns Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

You may recall that on wide receiver Josh Gordon’s path to recovery the past two years, he often worked with former Olympic gold medalist sprinter Tim Montgomery. In an interview with Mary Kay Cabot of the Plain Dealer, it was revealed that the Browns’ fourth-round draft pick this year, wide receiver Antonio Callaway, has also been working with Montgomery over the past year.

Montgomery says that Gordon and Callaway -- several months ago -- were at Montgomery’s training facility at the same time in Gainesville, Florida. Although they didn’t interact much then, Montgomery believes that Gordon will be willing to take on a “big brother” role to Montgomery, re-paying some of the support that individuals have shown him over the years.

“Josh always had his big brother looking out for him, and now he can be that mentor and be that guy, and that’s what he needs,’’ said Montgomery. The article also goes into more about Montgomery’s advice to Callaway, like how he needs to avoid the evil temptations that having money (as part of his first NFL contract) can bring.

Many people wondered what type of influence these two have on each other. For now, I’ll take the optimistic mindset and think that it’ll work out for the best.