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Jarvis Landry Ranked No. 52 on NFL’s Top 100 List

Jarvis Landry, another new Cleveland Browns addition, was named to the NFL’s Top 100 list, coming in at No. 52. The ranking is based on voting by the league’s players.

NFL: Pro Bowl-NFC vs AFC Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Jarvis Landry, another new Cleveland Browns addition, was named to the NFL’s Top 100 list, coming in at No. 52. Landry finished at No. 42 on the list following the 2016-17 season. The rankings list is populated following voting by the league’s players. Unsurprisingly, no players on the 2017-18 Browns have yet been named to the list, although Joe Thomas’ name will undoubtedly be revealed before too long.

The case for Landry is pretty simple, and is the reason why general manager John Dorsey traded for and then signed him to a big extension this offseason. Landry catches the ball, really, really well, and then he makes plays with his feet.

Don’t believe me? Listen to Bill Belichick’s attempts to keep him contained in the NFL Network video detailing Landry’s selection to the list.

“Landry, where is he?”

“We’re doubling Landry, yeah?”

“Let’s make sure we get Landry,” Belichick adds. “We’ll take our chances on the [running] back.”

Belichick says that Landry’s role is to get the ball a lot, from many different positions, although he’s primarily a slot guy. The Browns will hopefully continue to move him around in motion packages as well to help create mismatches with linebackers and to get him into open space with the ball in his hands. Chances are, if the ball comes his way, he’s going to catch it and hurt a defense if he has any room to work with.

Landry has freakish hands, too, for a sub six-foot receiver, and it helps him secure some pretty fantastic catches.

“He can catch with one hand better than I can catch two-hand, and [better than] most people can catch two-hand,” running back and former teammate Kenyan Drake said.

His big mitts have led to Landry’s reliability, which is highlighted by his early-career milestone. Landry’s staggering 400 receptions in his first four seasons are the most receptions in NFL history for a player during that span. The most in history.

Can you name the last Browns receiver to have even 100 catches in a single season? If you can, that’s pretty impressive. Your reward is getting to witness Landry do it repeatedly while helping improve a stagnant Browns offense that has flat-lined over the past two seasons.

Although he slipped 10 spots down the list from last season’s rankings, Landry understands the magnitude of what being included says about a player.

“It means a lot,” Landry said. “There’s what, 1,600 guys, so to be recognized as one of the 100 best guys of that elite group is saying a lot.