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Browns safety Damarious Randall draws the ire of fans by rooting for Golden State

Cleveland’s new free safety has poked the bear when it comes to Cleveland vs. Golden State.

2017 NBA Finals - Game Five Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Damarious Randall has already turned full-on heel. Note: This entire post is meant to be light-hearted.

The former Green Bay Packer was acquired by the Cleveland Browns this offseason in exchange for DeShone Kizer, and he is penciled in as the team’s new starting free safety.

If you follow his timeline on Twitter, you can tell he is a Golden State Warriors fan. And as soon as the Cleveland Cavaliers prevailed in Game 7 against the Boston Celtics (but before the outcome of the Western Conference Finals), that’s when Randall decided to unleash hell on himself:

You don’t make that tweet, playing for the Browns, unless you’re fully willing to poke the bear and have fun with all the backlash. He joked back to one criticism saying, “[Cleveland] will love me when they see me play free safety.”

But he also made it clear that it’s not an anti-Cleveland thing (in fact, his timeline contains plenty of support for LeBron James).

Although you have to wonder if he’s trolling a bit with this tweet -- if Cleveland wins, that’s going to be a lot of jerseys — but for all we know, he might mean Curry or Randall jerseys.

The question is how openly fans should cheer for the opposing team in a case like this. You saw how much support Joe Haden got for being a Cavaliers fan. Baker Mayfield, despite having no previous allegiance to Cleveland, has already been representing the Cavaliers and Indians. Randall has the right to cheer for whoever he wants to, but you as fans also have the right to react however you want. Is it all in good fun, or does something like this make you sour on him before he can even play a down in a Browns uniform?