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Nick Foles says no one from Eagles ever asked him about a Browns trade

The quarterback himself refutes a part of Mike Silver’s initial report, but Silver isn’t backing down.

Philadelphia Eagles v Cleveland Browns Photo by Matt Sullivan/Getty Images

Last week, Mike Silver of the NFL Network reported that the Philadelphia Eagles were offered the No. 35 pick of the draft this offseason by the Cleveland Browns in exchange for QB Nick Foles. The Eagles turned it down. While that is probably still true, there is now some doubt to another portion of that report: whether Foles ever knew about the offer.

Silver’s initial report said that the Eagles “ran the scenario by Foles, but he preferred to remain in Philly.” But when asked about it on Tuesday, Foles said that the trade scenario “never got to him.”

Silver was quick to continue defending his initial report, saying he has two “very good sources” that say otherwise.

The whole thing is meaningless for the Browns at this point, as they’ve already moved on and there is no viable scenario where they would ever end up trying to acquire Foles again. The main tie to the Browns is still that lingering question of whether Hue Jackson is still floating information to his friend, or if we’re to believe Jackson and Silver that this is not the case.