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Cleveland Browns’ Podcast - Next Up On The DBN Network: Ez Does it 5/5/18

Reacting, mostly to the Baker era

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We have now had a full week to digest the monumental 2018 draft for the Cleveland Browns, and at a pace that is probably several beats faster than needed I delve fully into it in this latest edition of Ez Does It on The DBN Network. Be warned: if you are not a fan of the Browns’ decision to draft Baker Mayfield, then you will probably very much disagree with my overall worldview.

Nonetheless, I consider this to be something of a watershed moment for this franchise, the point at which we might actually begin the process of reversal-of-fortune. At the risk of summoning the jinx-forces; there is now a non-zero chance the Browns won’t be terrible forever. I know, we need to keep expectations in check but for real - there are reasons to be excited about this franchise right now.

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