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What if the Browns...would anything have really worked?

When so many things go wrong with one franchise, how many “what if” questions can you ask?

NFL: Cleveland Browns-Rookie Minicamp Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

With it being offseason mode, one of the things the SB Nation NFL blogs are trying to do is collectively think about the same topic. This week is a question of “what if...?,” as in what big question mark decision leaves you wondering if something could have changed the face of the Browns’ franchise forever (in recent memory, so do not bring up the move to Baltimore)?

I am taking a unique approach to this one and leaving it open-ended, because Cleveland has had so many screwed up things happen to them over the years. In a league that is supposed to make it fairly easy to compete every year, the Browns have consistently gone against the odds to stay at the bottom, through a combination of bad drafts, bad free agent signings, bad coaches, bad front offices, and just some downright bad luck.

There are a million “what if” questions, but I have a hard time thinking if any single one of them would have changed the franchise. We could look at the Johnny Manziel and Justin Gilbert draft, but how successful have all of the team’s other first-round picks been? The Hue Jackson hire was like a godsend at first, but he is 1-31 over two seasons. And somehow after two miserable seasons, is Cleveland truly ready to turn the corner, or are we just waiting for the next disaster to strike?

Think back to the past 5-6 years of the Browns’ franchise, and let us know what you feel the biggest “what if” question is that lingers in your mind is -- something that could have changed the Browns’ franchise drastically for the better if another decision or circumstance had unfolded.