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Browns’ offensive coordinator Todd Haley talks QB progress at the conclusion of minicamp

“This is one of the best if not the best quarterbacks rooms in general that I have had.”

Cleveland Browns offensive coordinator Todd Haley spoke to the media at the conclusion of minicamp on Thursday. Here is our reader’s digest on what he had to say:

Installing the New Language

  • Although he didn’t get into the specifics, Haley said that at this time of the year, it’s about installing an entirely new language for the offense. He said they threw everything at the players so they “had a lot to deal with, worry, and think about.”

QB Talk

  • Despite coming into a new situation with new coaches and new players, Tyrod Taylor has done a “tremendous job” establishing himself as the leader of the offense. When Haley arrives to Berea each day, Taylor’s car is already there, and when Haley leaves, Taylor’s car is still there. (Maybe he just leaves it there, ha!)
  • He was complimentary of rookie Baker Mayfield, but stressed that it takes time for college quarterbacks who were in Shotgun all the time to get familiar to being under center.
  • When asked if Mayfield could push Taylor in training camp, Haley remained committed to his confidence in Taylor, while also saying this is one of the best quarterback rooms he’s had:

“[Mayfield] has a long way to go. I would say it is clear that Tyrod is the leader of this team. That is a big component of that position, also. What I will say is probably in my career, this is one of the best if not the best quarterbacks rooms in general that I have had. (QB) Drew Stanton does not get talked about a lot, but he is a guy with a lot of experience that I never was with, but having watched him through this phase of what we are doing – the OTAs, Phase II, Phase III, whatever they are – he still has got some in the tank. He can throw the football. He is extremely smart. The group in general is what I am excited about. I think that it is an intelligent, intelligent group with ability to throw the football and make plays with their legs some of them. When you have that, I think good things happen. Competition is created in the room, even though they are working hard together to help each other and get better as a group.”

Other Positions

  • Asked about which other position groups still need answers, Haley kind of jumped to the offensive line — figuring out who will play where. He said he’s seen growth already, including from OT Shon Coleman, but that they “won’t answer all of their questions until the pads go on in training camp.”
  • The Browns have three running backs who could all needed touches. Can Haley gameplan for that? He mentioned that he’s done it both ways — in Pittsburgh, it was all Le’Veon Bell. In Kansas City in 2010, he used a 2.5 back system and led the league in rushing. He has yet to determine the best approach for Cleveland, but they’ll figure it out.
  • Haley was asked about Josh Gordon’s comment that Cleveland has the best WR group in the NFL. Haley didn’t mind that Gordon shared his opinion, but stressed, “That remains to be seen. ... We have a lot of work to do in all areas, including receiver.” He also acknowledged that year three is a make-or-break year for Corey Coleman, and he has made that clear to him.