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Browns have “infuriating,” “awful” uniforms according to an artist who claims to know best

Hate the Browns’ uniforms? You are not alone.

NFL: Cleveland Browns-Press Conference Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

In the NFL, everything can be polarizing, including the garb which the players don. Take for example, the “Color Rush” Thursday Night phenomenon of recent years—and more recently scrapped—as just one example. If an opinion can be opined, it will, and artist Pete James, friend of SB Nation’s Charles McDonald, chimed in with his own professional takes on each of the league’s uniforms.

Unsurprisingly, he was none too kind about the Cleveland Browns’ current look.

James, who has a Nike Air Force 1 ad campaign credit to his name, believes that Nike “botched” the redesign of the Browns’ uniforms, writing with some compunction that:

This shit makes me furious. You’re the Browns, you’re a historic franchise with an aesthetic squarely rooted in that history. Don’t overthink it. You see another common over-design mistake with the Browns; changing the colors of minor design elements for no reason. The brown facemask is absolutely infuriating. Just make it white, wear the Jim Brown stuff, and wear orange pants every once in awhile if you want to switch things up. Every single piece of the current design is awful. The orange numbers, the 3D shading, the orange stitching, the extended shoulder stripes, all of it. They look like Bowling Green, but worse.

While it is hard not to argue with the new, more-orange-orange for Cleveland’s “orange,” and the overall minimalistic look that Nike didn’t much otherwise mess with, it’s a pretty harsh take. What say you? Will orange pants suddenly turn the franchise around? Or is it the stitching that is to blame for the 0-16 2017 record?