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Watch: Browns release new “Hard Knocks” trailer

HBO released a new trailer for this season’s Hard Knocks series featuring the Cleveland Browns.

NFL: Cleveland Browns Perfect Season Parade Scott R. Galvin-USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Browns have been the talk of the NFL offseason, adding a plethora of new talent and cultivating hope in a fan base that has witnessed just one win in the last two seasons, including an embarrassing 0-16 finish to last season.

HBO saw an opportunity in the Browns, opting to select the beleaguered but potentially ascending franchise for Hard Knocks, its yearly training camp and preseason NFL docuseries special. The additions of personalities like Jarvis Landry and Baker Mayfield, and the return of enigmatic receiver Josh Gordon probably had something to do with their interest in the group.

But what’s more interesting, and is the real story here, is the appeal HBO saw in the Browns fan base’s passion. The City of Cleveland bleeds orange and brown, that’s no secret. So it’s no surprise HBO is branding this series while appealing to those diehard fans, platforming this year’s Hard Knocks as a rebirth of sorts.

“We’re going to start a whole new era.”

The Browns believe it. The fans seem to believe it. The story is compelling. It’s the perfect fit at the perfect time.

If you’re not excited yet, watch the new trailer and hold onto your butts.

Browns training camp kicks off on July 26, and Hard Knocks debuts on Aug. 7 on HBO.