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Browns turn back the clock with retro season ticket packages

The Cleveland Browns issued retro season ticket packages for the 2018 season.

Cleveland Municipal Stadium

Cleveland Browns season ticket holders were rewarded for their loyalty after the franchise cut season ticket prices before the 2017 season, then did not increase them for 2018. Browns fans are a loyal group, but one win in two seasons will test the resolve of even the staunchest supporter.

The Browns delivered with an exciting season ticket package for 2018, which includes a retro throwback theme.

Gridiron Greatness

From the Hardland of America

Take a look for yourself from these season ticket holders’ posts on Twitter today:

Looking back to and feeding off the culture of old is appropriate now, too, maybe more than ever. Despite their struggles, there is belief that a resurgence is underway in Cleveland as momentum and belief of a turnaround is in the air. Optimism is building. What better way to forget the recent past, than by looking back to the franchise’s foundation, the days when the Browns were kings of professional football?

While the rebuild is not complete, there’s plenty to be excited about as another Browns season approaches.