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Cleveland Browns Podcast - Next Up On The DBN Network: Ez Does It 7/21/18

Gearing Up For The 2018 Season

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As the offseason draws to a close that sense of familiarity abounds; that heartening feeling that soon our beloved (r)orange helmets soon will be doing the football for real. As such, we’re warming up the truck here on The DBN Network and as such I endeavor to talk such things in my first ‘cast since May of Ez Does It:

  • Since we haven’t talked about it since it happened, the whole Lebron James departure and reaction
  • The offseason of promise, and how John Dorsey AND Sashi Brown did a pretty good job of rebuilding the roster
  • Baker Mayfield, Tyrod Taylor, and my unwavering prediction(s) of what’s to be
  • The three year rule
  • Advertise with us!
  • What these last three years have meant personally, and what success will mean when it happens (which it will)
  • Fourth’s voodoo dolls

Give it a listen by clicking on the player at the top of the page. Or (if you’ve never noticed) you can use the widget located in between the article and comments’ section (of not just this but every DBN article). If that’s not good enough, here is this pretty action box:

As always, we appreciate all feedback/constructive criticism/insults and so forth in the comments’ section below. If you really want to bore in (or inquire about doing your own show/advertising on the ‘Network) than just send me a line at Facebook and Twitter also at that name (and it should be pretty simple to find - it’s a unique moniker).

Thanks for listening!

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