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Cleveland Browns Podcast - Next Up On The DBN Network: The DBN Squaretable 7/22/18

A Three-Way Discussion About Last Year, This Year, and Beyond

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In an attempt to continue the HYPE which has enthralled so many of us over the course of this offseason, myself, Cleveland Indians and general baseball super-fan Fourth, and our ‘ol buddy Gin_and_Tonic gather around a table with corners on it in order to talk some Cleveland Browns. We’re all starting to get excited about the upcoming campaign and we delve into a number of disparate areas:

  • Training camp right around the corner, what to expect?
  • How much playing time is too much in preseason?
  • The Baker Mayfield/Tyrod Taylor paradigm.
  • Expectations for this year
  • Reviewing all that went wrong last year
  • Players we expect to break out in 2018
  • Understanding Hue Jackson
  • For some reason we talk about the Giants for a bit
  • Nick Chubb is beast

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