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Announcing Staff Changes at DBN

Our great wealth of Browns coverage continues!

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Hi DBN faithful!

You may have noticed over the past two weeks some changes at Dawgs By Nature, so let me formally announce them to you.

  • I remain the Site Manager, just as I have been since March 2006, and will continue writing just like I always have.
  • Mike Hoag is now our site’s Deputy Manager. You don’t really need to worry about memorizing each person’s title, but Mike will be bringing you about 1 article per day. In addition, if there are ever any times when I am on vacation, he will “take over the site” for those days.
  • Tom Moore has joined our staff as a writer. You may have noticed a flurry of his articles over the weekend. One of the areas in which our site has lacked over the years is providing regular weekend coverage (outside of Sundays during the regular season). What can I say — after writing during the week and working full-time with my actual job, you kind of just burn out sometimes. Tom has plenty of writing experience from his own site, and from formerly helping run Dawg Pound Daily. Every week, we are now extending the Daily Dawg Chow to the weekend, which Tom will cover. Tom will also provide some more weekend coverage, and then a couple of posts during the weekdays.
  • rufio has pretty much always been on our staff, but now he will be bringing you an edition of Rufio’s Playbook for almost every week of the year.
  • Dan Lalich (notthatnoise) is now taking on the title of Community Manager. I know there are often some very valuable articles that our readers create as FanPosts, but unfortunately I am so bogged down that I seldom have time to award them the front page exposure they deserve. Dan will help keep tabs on this, as well as encouraging more posts, fun features, and helping facilitate possible meet-ups.

Those are all the new orders of business. We are still very much appreciative to also have Jon Stinchcomb, Andrea Hangst, Matt Wood, and Ezweav continue their contributions to the site.