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Cleveland Browns Training Camp 2018: OL Preview, Part 4

The remaining offensive line bodies on the Browns heading into training camp.

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In Part 4 of our training camp preview on the Cleveland Browns’ offensive line, we look at the remaining four offensive lineman trying to impress the staff for a spot on the practice squad.

Ohio State v Illinois Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

13. Christian DiLauro - Undrafted Offensive Tackle

Height: 6-6 | Weight: 300 lbs | Age: 23
Experience: Rookie | College: Illinois

Another undrafted rookie lineman from this year’s draft class is Christian DiLauro, an offensive tackle out of Illinois. The Canton Repository had a really good article about him with plenty of fun details. Do you remember that unique video that GM John Dorsey prepared and sent out to potential undrafted free agents as an attempt to recruit them? It turns out that played a big influence in DiLauro choosing Cleveland.

He said after sending the video, he thought the Browns might draft him. Instead, they contacted him around the end of the sixth round and already made their free agent offer. He also had offers to join the Titans and Texans, but looked at the Browns’ depth chart and saw the fact that both tackle positions were in flux.

Cleveland also brought him in prior to the draft for a visit. DiLauro was Dane Brugler’s 32nd-ranked offensive tackle in the draft. He is also somewhat of a local kid, hailing from Hinckley, OH. According to Draft Analyst, he “offers decent size and growth potential but has limited upside for the next level.” His strengths include being quick off the snap, getting his hands into defenders, and staying square and active through the whistle. His weaknesses include limited agility and not finishing run blocks.

Final Roster Odds: 5%

Arizona State v Oregon State Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images

14. Fred Lauina - Undrafted Offensive Guard

Height: 6-4 | Weight: 315 lbs | Age: 23
Experience: Rookie | College: Oregon State

Fred Lauina was one of the undrafted free agents the Browns signed after this year’s draft. A guard at Oregon State, one of his highlight reel plays from this past season actually came with some rushing yards he accumulated on a throwback pass.

According to Draft Analyst, Lauina is “a wide-bodied, aggressive blocker but is a marginal athlete who comes with limited upside.” Among his strengths are his run blocking to knock defenders off the line of scrimmage, but his weaknesses include “being stiff, making adjustments, and being heavy-footed.”

Final Roster Odds: <5%

East-West Shrine Game Photo by Joseph Garnett, Jr. /Getty Images

15. Victor Salako - Backup Offensive Tackle

Height: 6-6 | Weight: 316 lbs | Age: 24
Experience: 1 year | College: Oklahoma State

It’s often hard to remember which players were midseason additions to your team’s practice squad, and that was the case with Victor Salako, who spent more than half the year there for Cleveland in 2017. Originally listed around 335 pounds last year, it appears that he has slimmed down 20 pounds.

Salako originally signed with the Philadelphia Eagles as an undrafted free agent last year, and spent a week on their practice squad. Does he get a Super Bowl ring for that? Last year, our Oklahoma State affiliate called him a “terrific run blocker” and leveraging his size (again, which at the time, was much heavier). Here is how they assessed his weaknesses:

“While he is big and strong, I wouldn’t call him the most athletic. He can be a bit stiff. While he was reliable, guys who went low on Salako or could match his strength, could give him real trouble.”

Final Roster Odds: <5%

NFL: Green Bay Packers-OTA Mark Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

16. Geoff Gray - Backup Offensive Guard

Height: 6-5 | Weight: 315 lbs | Age: 23
Experience: 1 year | College: Manitoba (Canada)

Here is another move I forgot about: Geoff Gray was actually on the Browns’ 53-man roster last year! That’s right — as one of GM John Dorsey’s first moves, he shook up the bottom of the roster, which included the addition of Gray.

Gray was originally a member of the Green Bay Packers as an undrafted free agent last year. He spent training camp with them, but then was on the New York Jets’ practice squad all year prior to Cleveland poaching him. There are obviously some slight ties between Green Bay and Cleveland’s front office now that create some familiarity with Gray, but I don’t see that as an overwhelming competitive edge for him.

Final Roster Odds: <5%


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