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Cleveland Browns Podcast - Next Up On The DBN Network: Absolute Browns

Darth & BTB bring it back

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Our friends Darth Batman and BigTownBrown collaborate on the latest (and highly anticipated) Absolute Browns, during which the discussion revolves primarily around:

  • Hard Knocks review
  • Preseason Game 1 Breakdown- All the Hype.
  • Preseason Game 2 Preview
  • Dez Watch 2018

Give a listen by hitting the player at the top of the page. You could also take advantage of the widget (which contains everything we’ve ever done btw) located just in between the article and comments section of not just this but every DBN article. Or, you could just go here:

Feedback always appreciated in the comments’ section below. Should be noted here that Dartho got this to me a few days ago so not his fault that it won’t contain any of tonight’s Hard Knocks content. However it’s all good, because it just means more shows/reactions need to be forthcoming.

Speaking of which, if you’d ever like to do your own thing on the DBN Network, shoot me an email:

Thanks for listening!

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