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Pepsi out as soft drink vendor for Browns at FirstEnergy Stadium

Keurig Dr Pepper is taking over for 2018.

Baltimore Ravens v Cleveland Browns Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

The Cleveland Browns have made a change in vendors at FirstEnergy Stadium for the 2018 season. ESPN’s Darren Rovell reported on Monday that Pepsi is out and Keurig Dr Pepper is in, marking a drastic shift in the beverage offerings during Browns games this year.

Instead of Pepsi as the caffeinated cola of choice, it will be RC. Sierra Mist has been replaced with 7Up. Pure Leaf iced teas have been swapped out for Snapple, and MUG root beer has been replaced with A&W. One can also assume that Dr Pepper will be on offer, as will Keurig-brand coffees.

As Rovell notes, the Browns are just the second team to partner with Keurig Dr Pepper, the Chicago Bears being the other. The other 30 teams in the NFL have partnered either with Pepsi Co. or Coca-Cola.

It’s been a big week in Browns beverage news. On Tuesday, the Browns and Bud Light announced their Victory Fridge partnership, in which coolers of Bud Lights will be remotely unlocked to provide free suds to Browns fans upon the event of a Cleveland win.

The Victory Fridges will be placed around FirstEnergy Stadium as well as various locations in the city of Cleveland and surrounding suburbs.