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Recap: Episode 3 of Cleveland Browns on HBO’s Hard Knocks

The focal point of episode 3 includes Jarvis Landry vs. Terrance Mitchell, Dez Bryant visiting the facility, and a teaser to the return of Josh Gordon.

The third episode of HBO’s Hard Knocks, featuring the Cleveland Browns, took place Tuesday night. Let’s recap the major storylines that were on display.

Jarvis Landry vs. Terrance Mitchell Fight

Last week, we knew about the fight between WR Jarvis Landry and CB Terrance Mitchell in practice, but the hightlight of Hard Knocks came when they captured the build-up to the scrum and then the incident itself, along with the reactions of fellow players and coaches.

Todd Haley vs. Gregg Williams

Just a little friendly ribbing, right?

Brad Paisley Visits Berea

Country singer Brad Paisley has been a Browns fan since third grade, and although he didn’t know Joel Bitonio by face, he was eager to see Baker Mayfield. Paisley asked GM John Dorsey if Mayfield reminded him of a Brett Favre, to which Dorsey said he understands why people see those attributes in him, but that that association has to be earned. WR Jarvis Landry said he was a Paisley fan, and then the money part of the segment came when defensive coordinator Gregg Williams met him.

Players Digging Baker Mayfield

The segment about QB Tyrod Taylor was about how to pronounce his name, which we’ve heard about to death now. When it came time to focus on QB Baker Mayfield, he gave Brad Paisley a tour of the RV, and then had a package shown of good throws in practice with compliments from his peers:

Brogan Roback Slides Into DM’s

Another week, and another segment dedicated to QB Brogan Roback, talking about sliding into Instagram DM’s and then seeing butterflies and chameleons.

Dez Bryant in the Facility

Even if the Browns didn’t sign WR Dez Bryant (yet), a segment of the episode was focused on him meeting everyone in Berea. He said he liked the “realness” that he felt from Cleveland when meeting with the team.

The previews for next week’s episode make it seem like there will be a little more on Bryant.

Other Notes

  • Alonzo Highsmith loves the energy he sees from the players, and thinks he sees similarities to when the Cowboys turned things around from 1-15.
  • Offensive line coach Bob Wylie talked about stretching being overrated, and the only reason he likes it is because it gives him 10 minutes to sit down.

  • There was an embrace between head coach Hue Jackson and wide receiver Corey Coleman before the Bills game.
  • DE Nate Orchard and his roster spot being in jeopardy was featured early, but then the gameday footage and coaches reaction of him missing the quarterback with clean shots was rough. You can tell that the three “underdog” players that the show has chosen to focus on at QB Brogan Roback, TE Devon Cajuste, and Orchard.
  • WR Josh Gordon’s return will be a focal point of Episode 4 next week, as will Mychal Kendricks giving a motivational speech as Cleveland gets set to take on Philadelphia.