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Recap: Episode 4 of Cleveland Browns on HBO’s Hard Knocks

Josh Gordon returns, some audio from Tyrod Taylor’s wrist injury, the rookie show, Todd Haley going after Jarvis Landry, and more.

The fourth episode of HBO’s Hard Knocks, featuring the Cleveland Browns, took place Tuesday night. Let’s recap the major storylines that were on display.

The Return of Josh Gordon

It was expected that the return of Browns WR Josh Gordon would be a major storyline in this week’s episode. And although he was featured a little bit, it was easy to forget about him. The most notable part was probably the cameras catching Gordon looking through the offensive playbook and saying that not many new plays had been added since he was last with the team, so he feels like he’s ready-to-go.

The Rookie Show

Cleveland’s rookies were in charge of putting on a filmed comedy/parody show of sorts for the rest of the players, coaches, and staff in Berea. The highlight of the segment was when WR Blake Jackson, a longshot who isn’t going to make the roster, voiced over WR Jarvis Landry’s rant from a few weeks ago, complete with some other footage mocking the fact of playing with injury:

Seeing GM John Dorsey laugh as QB Baker Mayfield parodied his sweater, gum-chewing, and other mannerisms was amusing as well.

Tape it Up, Let’s Go

Hard Knocks captured a lot of audio and behind-the-scenes stuff when QB Tyrod Taylor hurt his hand against the Eagles and was led to the back. You can hear him screaming in pain as he enters the blue tent, and then his relief when X-rays are negative in the back. Once he tries catching a football once, he’s ready to go back out there.

Haley Yells at Landry, Makes Amends

Cleveland was frustrated offensively against the Eagles, and it was clear that it wasn’t the best day for WR Jarvis Landry. You can hear offensive coordinator Todd Haley riding Landry on several plays, including not fighting through on two fades at the goal line, and then stopping on a deeper route later (which Landry complained that the pass sailed out of bounds).

Haley later had a complaint about the effort by young WR Derrick Willies. He pulled Landry aside and apologized to him for yelling earlier, while also giving him a pep talk about how he needs to give effort on every play so these younger guys see that and follow his lead. Earlier in the episode, we do see rookie WR Antonio Callaway taking the lead from Landry in the film room:

Myles Garrett’s Music Isn’t for Bob Wylie

Hard Knocks knows they have gold with offensive line coach Bob Wylie now, and they are milking it. It started with DE Myles Garrett getting to have some softer music play over camp...and then this:

Other Notes

  • The beginning of the show talked about how things are starting to slow down for QB Baker Mayfield, which included several slow-motion effects, as well as a super slow motion of a long spiral being thrown to WR Rashard Higgins. The segment was a bit of a waste to me.
  • Former Eagles LB Mychal Kendricks gave the scoop on his former team, pointing out weaknesses of QB Nick Foles, TE Zach Ertz, and their left tackle:
  • Segments once again featured QB Brogan Roback, DE Nate Orchard, DE Carl Nassib, and TE Devin Cajuste as the bubble players to watch. Next week will no doubt continue to focus on them and which of the four make it. Right now, Nassib could be the only way in line to keep a job.
  • Overall, it wasn’t the most what I would call innovative episode in terms of buzz. What did you think, Browns fans? The season finale airs next Tuesday at 10 PM ET.