Politics again! Let's try not to ____ this one up!

So out of 100 respondents, how many do we think would likely fit "monkey" into the blank there prior to Wednesday the 29th of August in the Year of Our Lord (of the flies) 2018?

To wit, we are living through a certain ethno-narcissist's dream, and through Thomas Jefferson's nightmare when he opined (as he occasionally did) that the original sin of slavery and the attendant destruction of American values embodied in slavery would follow down through the ages, haunt us forever, and effectively destroy the country. If anyone thinks that this proto-Trumper and ur-grifter DeSantis (he of the 1 Billion dollar fine for stealing from the national treasury), doesn't know what he's doing here, I've got a house on a much more appropriate street for your type on the south-side of Chicago to sell you. And for those who think such tactics will backfire, well more power to you, we can hope. But there's a certain original sin in our natures that would like to have a word, keeps wanting to have a word. Confirmed megacrook DeSantis is going to test for us once again the oft-proved motto of our times: If you can convince the lowest white man he's better than the best colored man, he won't notice you picking his pocket. Trump's in office, For-profit "colleges" are back in business, Herbalife stock is rock solid, and the image below represents our political/economic balance point.... it's a pretty fair bet he'll get into that pocket!


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