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Josh Gordon says “definitely pass interference” on Joe Haden’s end-zone grabbing

Josh Gordon had one touchdown on three targets in the Cleveland Browns Week 1 tie against the Steelers, but he could have had two scores if not for Joe Haden’s blatant but not-called pass interference in the end zone.

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at Cleveland Browns Scott R. Galvin-USA TODAY Sports

Days after the Cleveland Browns tied the Pittsburgh Steelers 21-21, receiver Josh Gordon joined coach Hue Jackson in lamenting a missed call on Steelers defensive back Joe Haden.

Following the game, Jackson expressed displeasure with several questionable calls from the Week 1 matchup.

Speaking with media on Wednesday, Gordon didn’t shy away from making his thoughts known about the play.

“Oh yeah, definitely pass interference,” Gordon said with a laugh. “Some calls are made, some aren’t.”

Gordon isn’t the type to need to rely on penalties, but if not for Haden’s egregious holding and even tugging on his facemask as the ball descended into his waiting arms, Gordon would have been 2-for-3 on contested touchdown catches. And maybe the Browns would have won the game, but we can’t predict how things would have played out had the call been made.

In what was a miserable day, the resulting tie was probably the only thing more unsatisfying than the poor work by head referee Shawn Smith’s crew.

The NFL has already admitted to NFL Network that upon review Myles Garrett’s sack was not roughing the passer, but the Steelers still got those four points. Cleveland would likely have gotten at least three points on that drive if that penalty on Gordon wasn’t missed.

That’s a seven-point swing, friends.

Here’s a look at the third-quarter play in question, so judge for yourselves.