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Cleveland Browns t-shirt highlighting the Browns’ first win is now available

And it has tons of Easter eggs in it too!

The Cleveland Browns just won their first regular season game in 635 days, and they did it in dramatic fashion in prime time, no less! To celebrate, we have a brand new T-shirt from you to wear, and it features an awesome design with plenty of Easter eggs in it:

  • The end zone stripes for Thursday Night Football.
  • The “Cleveland Special,” along with the X’s and O’s of the 2-point conversion, made all-the-more fun because it was the first rep Baker Mayfield had actually taken of the play.
  • “Unlock the Fridge,” signifying the Browns’ first win leading to the Bud Light fridges being unlocked.
  • The possum!!!

Make sure you buy your own “Cleveland Special” t-shirts now while they are hot off the iron!

The shirts start at $26 for most sizes. Get your t-shirt here, and let us know if you order one!