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Recap: Episode 5 of Cleveland Browns on HBO’s Hard Knocks

Much of the final episode is dedicated to the releases of QB Brogan Roback, TE Devon Cajuste, DE Nate Orchard, and DE Carl Nassib.

The fifth and final episode of HBO’s Hard Knocks, featuring the Cleveland Browns, took place Tuesday night. Let’s recap the major storylines that were on display.

The Stunning Mychal Kendricks News

The episode started with the coaches and players hearing and being stunned by the news of LB Mychal Kendricks being involved in inside trading.

The Roster Bubble Cuts

I would say that 75% of the episode focused on the gameday performances and then releases of QB Brogan Roback, TE Devon Cajuste, DE Nate Orchard, and DE Carl Nassib. It was rough watching each of their hopes be dampened. We learned that Assistant GM Eliot Wolf is the guy with the not-fun responsibility of calling players up to tell them to come in, informing them of their release. They also then get a quick last talk with head coach Hue Jackson.

Announcing the Backup QB

Have you ever wondered how a coach tells his No. 2 and No. 3 quarterbacks which of them will be the official “backup?” Hue Jackson sat Drew Stanton and Baker Mayfield down in his office together. It really wasn’t a surprise given how reps have gone all preseason, so neither player was really surprised by the news.

Antonio Callaway Chats With Antonio Brown

The Steelers’ receiver had a quick facetime chat with rookie receiver Antonio Callaway:

Earned Their Stripes

Players “earning their stripes” has been a running theme all season, and served as the conclusion to the series (even if the claimed players or WR Josh

Other Notes

  • When DE Carl Nassib got cut in the second round of waiver cuts, it sucked to have to see veteran DT Jamie Meder in the background, an afterthought to the show.
  • Christian Kirksey talked more about his “why,” a callback to earlier in the season.
  • The show ended with a quick montage of unseen coaches highlights of Bob Wylie, Todd Haley, and Gregg Williams. A perfect, comedic way to end the Browns’ run on Hard Knocks:

What did you think of the Browns being featured on Hard Knocks? Do you wish they could be on there every year?