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Cleveland Browns Podcast - Next Up On The DBN Network: Ez Does It 9/8/18

The Hard Knockiest Ez ‘cast ever

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Alas, we have reached the eve of the regular season, when all can be right with the world because our beloved (r)orange helmets will be playing on Sundays. Rejoice and smile at strangers - these are good times indeed!

That is, at least there will be some football, and so I gab about all that a little bit in the latest Ez Does It. It had been a while since I yakked at you wonderful people and among other things, got into:

  • Hard Knocks, and in particular Hue Jackson
  • Baker Mayfield, bona fide QBOTF
  • Tyrod Taylor and his limitations
  • Hue Jackson being among the biggest limiting factor
  • The organizational structure and how things might play out
  • John Dorsey and his (so far) very good looking draft

There’s probably some other stuff in there, but as an open to the season you could do worse. It’s probably not as HYPE as is the style these days but suffice it to say I’ve got plenty enough of it with respect the aforementioned Mayfield and superfreak Myles Garrett. The rest is more than a little tempered, given our shared past experiences.

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