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Cleveland Browns Podcast - Next Up On the DBN Network: Ez Does It Post Game 9/9/18

Browns actually surprise us

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Well, that certainly was unexpected. Breaking tradition, the Cleveland Browns come away from week 1 without a loss to add to what seems to be an endless string. They don’t get a win either, however, as for the first time in three decades the good guys play to a tie, squaring up the (rightfully) hated Pittsburgh Steelers 21-21 at FOSFEF.

Lots to unpack in this one:

  • WOW!
  • On one hand, very sloppy game
  • On the other hand, tremendous effort to pull it together at the end
  • The rain had a pretty major impact
  • The special teams are a concern
  • Myles Garrett is officially a force of nature
  • Denzel Ward will be joining him there shortly
  • Substantial pressure from the defense
  • In the end, much to be pleased with and much to be concerned with

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