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Cleveland Browns Podcast: Absolute 10 & 6 - Freddie Kitchens Is An Absolute Unit

How Freddie Kitchens used Todd Haley’s playbook to get the Browns’ job

Our two resident chuckleheads Darth_Batman and BigTownBrown do their thing in this latest episode of Absolute 10 & 6 This is the reaction to Freddie Kitchens getting hired edition. Among other things:

- Freddie Kitchens’ love and affection for Todd Haley and his playbook and how it got him the job as head coach
- Possible coordinators
- The link between Kitchens, Lindley, & Drew Stanton
- A final SET HUT for Big Bob Wylie
- How Ezweave is always incorrect
- More Freddie Kitchens talks
- More SET HUT’s
- End of season review
The drinks are flowing in this episode! Don’t miss out on the NUMBER ONE podcast for Browns fans talking to Browns fans ONLY on DawgsbyNature.
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BTB brings his usual level of “professionalism” and “talent” to the table, while Dartho offers his insights (and shares the original protest our brother Thelonius7 had against Baker). Listen to it by hitting the player at the top of the page, the widget in between the article and comments’ section (of not just this but every DBN article) or by going here:

I feel like this is an excellent time to show an important part of Freddie Kitchens’ introductory presser:

“The only thing I changed as a coach, was, it enabled me to speak to the whole group offensively. And the first thing - the first team meeting that we talked about, was nothing to do with football. I asked them to trust me that I would always do what’s best for them. And they believed me, and that’s what ultimately - I mean we weren’t calling any different plays. We were calling the same plays I mean, a couple like gimmicks and stuff like that that you need but the base of our offense was the same.

Thanks for listening!