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Browns sign nine players to reserve/future deals, including DE Devaroe Lawrence

GM John Dorsey takes care of a little offseason housekeeping.

Pittsburgh Steelers v Cleveland Browns

On Wednesday, the Cleveland Browns signed the following nine players to reserve/future contracts: RB Devante Mays, WR Daniel Williams, OL Brad Seaton, OL Kyle Friend, DL Daniel Ekuale, DL Devaroe Lawrence, DB Lenzy Pipkins, DB Robert Jackson, and DB Tigie Sankoh.

What are “reserve/future” contracts? Anyone who was signed to an NFL active roster cannot enter free agency until March. Anyone who was already a free agent or on a practice squad, though, stay/became free agents at the conclusion of the regular season. Therefore, the Browns basically “re-signed” the players they are interested in having another look at during the offseason programs or in training camp next season. In other words, it’s a formality that has to be done to keep your practice squad in tact.

Players on the practice squad who were not signed to reserve/future contracts include DB Ashton Lampkin, OL Mason Gentry, and OL Jason Eldrenkamp. Ekuale ended the season serving a four-game suspension.

One of the more notable players signed to a reserve/future contract is Lawrence, who the team acquired in a trade with the New Orleans Saints at the end of training camp. Lawrence didn’t see much action, though, and ultimately ended up on the practice squad by October.