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NFL will tweak play clock, and other innovations at the Pro Bowl

Could the NFL be considering quickening the pace of play in the future?

NFL: Pro Bowl Experience Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Pro Bowl is typically thought of as a meaningless game, but it opens the opportunity for the NFL to pilot test a few ideas for future consideration. The league is referring to these as “Pro Bowl Game Day Innovations.”

Two of the changes would have dramatic effects if they were ever implemented during the regular season:

  • One of the categories is “adjustments to game clock,” which says the game and play clock would be modified for understanding and maximizing pace of play. Now, it’s not quite clear what this will entail during the Pro Bowl. My initial thought was that the “35” icon next to the text meant that the play clock will go to 35 seconds instead of 40 seconds, which would fit the notion of quickening up the pace of play.
  • The ability for coaches to communicate to multiple players on offense or defense through radio communication would also have an effect too. It relies less on one player making the adjustments on the field. But could it also complicate things more if you have too many cooks in the kitchen?

The other innovations deal with a visor with improved vision for players, and better audio or camera angles. Included in the camera angles section are a helmet camera, officiating hat camera, pylon first down camera, and a 360 degree camera on the goal post.

So, while the Pro Bowl game may not be enough to catch your interest, maybe some of these other factors will intrigue you to tune in for a second.