DBN Prediction Contest 2018: Super Bowl

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We're down to the final game of the year! The contest leaders as of the Conference Championships include the Top 16 Contest final four: Sassenach, elixerr, Buckskin and Topanga Jeff. On track for doubling up, Sassenach is also the current leader of the DBN Open Contest and in the Team Contest versus the San Francisco 49ers Niners Nation (NN), Team DBN leads Team Niners Nation 180-166. See the separate FanPost for the Conference Championship final results.

Refer to the Prediction Contest post for the rules and regulations for this year's contest, slightly modified for the 2018 season Playoffs. Please give it read (it's fairly short) so we can have consistency in the posting.

Super Bowl

The Super Bowl and final prediction game of the season will be scored (Eastern zone time):

New England @ Los Angeles Rams - 6:30 p.m. - Sunday, 2/3

(Copy+Paste version for comments):

New England @ Los Angeles:

Added Rule for Final Points Ties

One added rule for the final Super Bowl game will be a prediction of the total offensive yards by both teams to serve as a tie-breaker in case of any final point total ties. The official stat will be per the ESPN's Box Score Team Stats for the game. An example of an acceptable score post can look like this:

New England @ Los Angeles: 42 -€ 38

Total Yards = 840

Remember to follow the prediction format rules, post on time prior to the official game time and refresh your memory on how we score the points. Good luck predicting!

Playoff Prediction Contest Rules & Guidelines

Anyone with a account is invited play and can join at any time.

There are no prizes to the winner/s except for bragging rights.

Bonus Point - no more bonus points for the remaining games.

DBN Open Contest (Open to ALL players at anytime): Those players not included in the Top 16 playoff pool are invited to play in a Prediction Redemption pool or the Open Contest. Unlike the Top 16 tournament, the Open Contest will score cumulative scores through the Playoffs with no eliminations (similar to the regular season format)'re in it until the end. The player/s with the most cumulative points will be crowned the DBN Open Champion at the conclusion of the Super Bowl.

DBN Top 16 and DBN vs. NN Top 16 Tournaments: The Top 16 Regular Season cumulative score players will face-off in a playoff contest predicting the NFL Playoffs. After each playoff round, the bottom 4 contestants will be eliminated each week until we crown a DBN Top 16 Contest Champion at the conclusion of the Super Bowl.

We also are introducing a new feature this season with a Dawgs By Nature team competition against the San Francisco 49ers SB Nation website Niners Nation (NN) team. In this competition, the predictions and score results of the DBN Top 16 players will be cumulatively added each playoff round (no need to post two sets of scores). The Team with the most points after the Super Bowl wins the competition. Even if you're eliminated from the DBN Top 16 elimination tournament, your DBN Team needs you to keep predicting to compete for points against the NN Team all the way to the Super Bowl. Heading into the final week, Team DBN leads Team NN 180-166.

If you're eliminated from the DBN Top 16 tournament, you can continue predicting in the Open tournament, see below. Scores from the Top 16 players will automatically be entered in the Open (no need to post two sets of scores). Note that since you are competing against two different sets of opponents, your subscore and points total may differ. For example, a subscore in the Top 16 tournament may yield 5 points, but in the Open it may be less since you are competing against more player scores.

In the final Super Bowl prediction game, contestants will be asked to provide a tiebreaking prediction in the case of a final Super Bowl game tie, which has happened before. The tiebreaker will be an Over/Under on the combined total offensive yards by both teams, or some other metric. In case of a subscore tie, the closest tiebreaker prediction will determine the winner.

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