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Poll: Are you going to watch The World’s Best on CBS after the Super Bowl?

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This type of show succeeds, but haven’t we seen it already?


It’s time for our annual off-topic discussion of who will watch the Super Bowl’s lead-out program. NBC has the broadcast rights to Super Bowl 53, and the last time they had an opportunity to air something, they chose to air The Late Show with Stephen Colbert in 2016, which got 20.55 million viewers.

This year, CBS is airing the series premiere of The World’s Best, a reality talent competition. The performers will be judged by Drew Barrymore, RuPaul and Faith Hill, and James Corden will serve as the series host. I usually try to tune in to post-Super Bowl programs, but this program doesn’t do it for me. It sounds just like America’s Got Talent on NBC. They are fine shows, and I think it will get a fair audience, but I don’t care.

Reality shows typically do exceptionally well in this slot. For example, take a look at how these reality shows have done since 2000:

  • 2001: Survivor (CBS, 45.369 million)
  • 2004: Survivor (CBS, 33.535 million)
  • 2010: Undercover Boss (CBS, 38.654 million)
  • 2012: The Voice (NBC, 37.611 million)

Eight years ago, only 18% of you said you’d tune in to watch Glee after the Super Bowl. Seven years ago, only 12% of you said you’d tune in to watch The Voice. Six years ago, 63% of you said you’d tune in to watch Elementary. Five years ago, only 27% of you said you’d tune in to watch New Girl. Four years ago, 50% of you said you’d tune in to watch The Blacklist. Three years ago, a surging 63% of you said you’d tune in to watch The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Two years ago, only 28% of you said you’d watch 24: Legacy. Last year, only 29% of you said you’d watch This is Us.

What about this year? Vote in the poll below and let us know in the comments section. Also, feel free to spin this into an off-topic discussion about current television shows you are in to as well!


Will you be tuning in to watch "The World’s Best" this Sunday after the Super Bowl?

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  • 86%
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