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Cleveland Browns Podcast: Ez Does It - Browns Hire Freddie KItchens!

About a week’s worth of speculation culminates in the getting of the right guy

Today turned out to be the day, as the Cleveland Browns went bold and elevated the interim offensive coordinator/Assistant HC Freddie Kitchens to the position of full time head coach, and reactions abound in the latest edition of Ez Does it

Very enthusiastic about this move. To my mind Kitcho displayed all six of the qualifications (that would be John Dorsey’s three requirements along with my own three) requisite to be the guy, and so this is a solid hire. I’m happy about what’s to come because I think he’s going to be a quality head coach, not an offensive coordinator who’s also running the team. That’s a key distinction that gets delved into as well.

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Good times coming y’all - thanks for listening!