A far too early look at draft needs

If the season finished today, which positions would we be keen to upgrade in the draft?

1. Offensive Tackle. I actually don't dislike Robinson and Hubbard as much as some do. However, this is such an important position that I think you have to keep looking to upgrade until you have a guy you know you can always depend upon - especially when you have your franchise QB in place.

2. Guard. Obviously, Kush isn't the long term solution at RG. I appreciate that the guard position is not the most highly drafted. But when we give Baker time to throw, he can be lethal. When we allow pressure in his face, he gets jittery. I would add a solid, powerful, dependable guard.

3. Safety. I doubt we retain Randall, so we may need to look at both Safety positions. When watching San Fran's run game gashing our defense at their leisure, how I longed for one of those SS's that has a nose for the ball and shoots through gaps to obliterate the ball carrier. These guys are rare, but if we can find one we should take him. I'd prefer to secure a veteran FS, but if the next Malik Hooker is available I'd be happy with that also.

I'll leave it at three (well, really five). I could also have said a few words about LB, TE and DT. And I'd always keep an eye on the CB class.

So, what do you see as our biggest draft needs right now and why?

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