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Baker Mayfield, Nick Chubb, Odell Beckham, and other Browns mascot bobbleheads now available

Also featured: Jarvis Landry, Myles Garrett, and Chomps.

We would like to give a big shout out to the FOCO USA, who provided us with an awesome collection of Cleveland Browns bobbleheads. Their latest release of six bobbleheads are part of “The Cleveland Browns Dawg Pound” collection.

These would make perfect gifts for any Browns fan if you’re thinking of the holiday season coming up!

Bobbleheads Available for Pre-Order:

Each bobblehead has the player standing on a football field shaped like a circle, with the base representing a dog collar with spikes on it — and the spikes are actually pretty sharp, enough to cut you if you are a bit careless! A “Dawg Pound” label is on the front of each one, with a “Beware of the Dawgs” sign in the background.

A little easter egg is that on Mayfield’s cleats, one clear says “Woke up feelin’ dangerous,” while the other cleat has his teammates jersey numbers with target symbols over them.

Some fans may wish these were all the color rush uniforms. But actually, showing these now is a bit timely, because the white jersey-orange pants combination is the same one that Cleveland just wore when they defeated the Baltimore Ravens 45-20 to take control of the AFC North. Now is the time to especially grab the Nick Chubb bobblehead. I’ve had these bobbleheads on my desk for a week now, and all of my colleagues who stop by have loved them.

The bobbleheads are $45 each, but if you order 3 or more bobbleheads, you can use the code DAWGPOUND15 to get 15% off. Let us know in the comments section below if you end up ordering any! Below are individual, up-close shots of each bobblehead.