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How Many Running Plays are Too Many?

A look at the “lack of identity” in the Browns running game through the bye in 2019

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Cleveland Browns Scott R. Galvin-USA TODAY Sports

A lot has been said (and done) recently about the Browns offensive line. And while personnel changes might happen this year, truly big moves might have to wait until the offseason.

But in my opinion the biggest issue facing the Browns is not a lack of strength or athleticism in personnel, but the occasional completely blown assignment. When we block the correct defenders—even when we don’t necessarily win the physical battles—we are talented enough to win. Baker Mayfield can buy time, and Nick Chubb can find seams in the front when we merely get a hat on a hat.

I think we would be well-served to simplify on offense and carve out an “identity” in order to limit the learning our offensive linemen have to do. I took a closer look at this idea in this week’s video: