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Browns fans’ confidence at a season-low 35% after falling to 2-5

The trend reverses after this Sunday...right?

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This week’s FanPulse voting results are in, heading into Week 9 of the NFL season. If you haven’t signed up to vote each week, you can still do so here.

The Browns confidence dropped 23 percentage points from 58% to 35% between Weeks 8 and 9, following their third straight loss of the season and dropping to a record of 2-5. We knew the Browns would have a rough time against those high-caliber opponents, but 3-4 was the targeted record leading up to this upcoming stretch of a softer schedule. Now, Cleveland has left themselves very little margin for error. Will they be up to the challenge?

Broncos fans’ confidence heading into Week 9 sits at 11%.

This week’s main national poll asked which will happen first: the Dolphins winning a game, or the Patriots losing a game? Although the Patriots losing (65%) was the leading vote-getter, I actually voted for the Dolphins winning a game — and it could come against the Jets this week. The difference maker in my mind is basically Ryan Fitzpatrick, whose hot-and-cold nature will allow him to pull off some magic.