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Browns’ offensive snap counts, stats, and notes: Week 11

KhaDarel Hodge and Stephen Carlson provided some unexpected offensive production for the Browns. But what happens with David Njoku expected back this week?

NFL: NOV 14 Steelers at Browns Photo by Frank Jansky/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Below, we analyze the snap counts and stats on offense for the Cleveland Browns’ Week 11 game against the Pittsburgh Steelers.


Pos Player Plays % Stats
Pos Player Plays % Stats
QB Baker Mayfield 70 99% 17-of-32 (53.1%) for 193 yards, 2 TD. 1 rush, 1 yard, 1 TD.
QB Garrett Gilbert 1 1% 1 rush, -1 yard.
  • The accuracy was a bit down for Mayfield after a red-hot start to the game, but he avoided a turnover for the third consecutive game, and also threw for two touchdown passes again.
  • It was great to see Mayfield connect with Odell Beckham early on for what was nearly a touchdown pass down the middle. The chemistry wore off in the second half, as Mayfield should have had his receiver for a couple more first downs but didn’t connect.
  • This is a tough Steelers defense, but Mayfield found the right balance of manuevering in the pocket and out of the pocket. While his touchdown pass to TE Stephen Carlson might have been a bit risky, given that a field goal is just as good as a touchdown in that situation, it was still a heck of a play:

Running Back

Pos Player Plays % Stats
Pos Player Plays % Stats
RB Nick Chubb 51 72% 27 carries, 92 yards (3.4 YPC). 0 catches (1 target).
RB Kareem Hunt 39 55% 6 carries, 12 yards (2.0 YPC). 6 catches, 46 yards (8 targets).
RB Dontrell Hilliard 1 1% No stats registered.
RB D'Ernest Johnson 1 1% No stats registered.
  • The Steelers are allowing 3.74 yards per carry as one of the more stout run defenses in the NFL. Credit Cleveland for staying committed to the running game despite not breaking the big run. Nick Chubb logged 27 carries, which is only the second time in his career that he’s had more than 23 carries.
  • Kareem Hunt had 6 carries for 12 yards; but those yards per carry numbers for both backs will rise against the Dolphins. Where Hunt continues to be an X-factor for this offense is as a receiving back, where he caught 6 passes for 46 yards, including two 3rd-and-long conversions in the first quarter.

Wide Receiver

Pos Player Plays % Stats
Pos Player Plays % Stats
WR Odell Beckham 65 92% 4 catches, 46 yards (10 targets).
WR Jarvis Landry 65 92% 4 catches, 43 yards (7 targets). 1 TD.
WR Rashard Higgins 29 41% No stats registered.
WR KhaDarel Hodge 10 14% 1 catch, 41 yards (2 targets).
WR Damion Ratley 1 1% No stats registered.
  • Overall, I’ve been more satisfied the past several games with the way the team is using Odell Beckham, but the execution and chemistry still needs plenty of work. We are already heading into Week 12, so maybe I should stop having faith that it’ll get there in 2019. But don’t get me wrong: I’d still much rather have Beckham than not.
  • If Jarvis Landry keeps it up, he’s on pace to have the type of season that hovers around his career high in yardage, and he’s caught a touchdown pass in three straight games.
  • There were no targets for Rashard Higgins this week, and that is with Antonio Callaway gone. But you know what? That’s ok! And it’s all because of the addition of Kareem Hunt to the roster, coupled with the fact that Higgins still played 41% of the snaps. The most essential aspect is that Higgins is an option for a decent portion of the game; he may not have had opportunities this week to catch the ball, but he’ll get some and will be counted on.
  • Props to KhaDarel Hodge, who caught a 41-yard pass this week, and also drew a pass interference penalty in the end zone on Joe Haden. The playing time distribution that the Browns had this week for their receivers was perfect — and if Hodge gets 10 snaps per week, I love the fact that he is mainly a special teamer who looks super fresh and energized to put every ounce of effort and focus into those 10 snaps.

Tight End

Pos Player Plays % Stats
Pos Player Plays % Stats
TE Demetrius Harris 42 59% No stats registered.
TE Pharoah Brown 27 38% No stats registered.
TE Stephen Carlson 12 17% 1 catch, 8 yards (1 target). 1 TD.
TE Ricky Seals-Jones 11 15% No stats registered.
  • The tight ends were not part of the receiving game this week until Stephen Carlson made a name for himself with a behind-the-defender’s back-touchdown grab in the fourth quarter to seal the victory.
  • Ricky Seals-Jones returned from injury this week, but Cleveland opted to play their blocking tight ends a bit more.
  • The Browns face an interesting decision this week, as David Njoku should be activated from injured reserve and ready to face the Dolphins. He might not be conditioned to play a full game yet, but one would figure that the team won’t carry five tight ends. Carlson or Seals-Jones might be given the boot, despite their contributions as receivers.

Offensive Line

Pos Player Plays % Stats
Pos Player Plays % Stats
OL Greg Robinson 71 100%
OL Joel Bitonio 71 100%
OL JC Tretter 71 100%
OL Chris Hubbard 71 100%
OL Wyatt Teller 71 100%
OL Justin McCray 1 1%
  • T.J. Watt had a sack, but for the entire game, the Steelers’ defense had just 1 sack and 3 quarterback hits. That is freaking amazing (in a good way for Cleveland). Per PFF:

Both Joel Bitonio and Greg Robinson held up well in pass protection on Thursday. Neither of the two had a perfect night, but the duo played well above expectation.