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Browns vs. Dolphins Prediction Contest: Win a FirstEnergy Stadium Blueprint

DBN fans, here is another chance to win a fun Browns-related gift!

Erik Drost on Flickr

Who is ready for another contest?

The good folks at Ballpark Blueprints have offered to give one lucky reader a free unframed print or t-shirt, which we are holding a prediction contest for (keep reading). You can see the blueprint of FirstEnergy Stadium below.

Darren Hester

Even if you don’t win the contest, with the holiday season coming up, the FirstEnergy Stadium print can make for a great and unique present for a Browns fan to hang up or add to their collection. You can see the list of available products here. Exclusive to DBN readers, if you use the promo code BROWNS at checkout, you’ll receive 10% your order, now through Christmas Eve.

Contest Rules

To enter, you will answer the six questions below in the comments section, plus the tiebreaker question. We will tally up everyone’s score after the Browns vs. Dolphins game. Whoever answered the most questions correct will be the winner. If two or more people are tied for the lead, we will use the tiebreaker question. If there still ends up being a tie after that, then the winner will be the person who made their submission first.

Tip: Some useful reference information for a couple of the questions below is that the Patriots’ defense has only allowed three touchdowns total this year.


1. Who will win the game — Browns or Dolphins?
2. Who will have more total yards — Nick Chubb or Kareem Hunt?
3. How many touchdowns will the Browns score (exact numeric answer)?
4. Which player will score the Browns’ first rushing or receiving touchdown? (You can also say no touchdowns will be scored)
5. Which defensive player will register the Browns’ first sack, interception, or fumble recovery? (note: only list a player; the player will be the first one who registers any of the three stats mentioned)
6. Over/under: 44.5 points for both teams

TIEBREAKER: How many rushing yards will the Browns have as a team? Winner will be the person closest to the total in absolute value; if there is still a tie, it’ll be the person who submitted their answers first.

Below is a template you can copy+paste to the comments:


Good Luck!

Comments must be made by 1:01 PM ET on Sunday, November 24, 2019, in order to be eligible. Good luck!