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Browns fans’ confidence up to 61% heading into re-match with Pittsburgh

Cleveland looks to get back to .500 with a possible fourth straight win.

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This week’s FanPulse voting results are in, heading into Week 13 of the NFL season. If you haven’t signed up to vote each week, you can still do so here.

The Browns confidence increased 12 percentage points from 49% to 61% between Weeks 12 and 13. It’s the third week in a row that the Browns’ confidence meter has gone up, this time after beating the Miami Dolphins. One more victory against the Steelers would get the Browns back to .500, and probably elevate that confidence back into the 80s. However, a loss would all but end the Browns’ hopes for a playoff spot.

The national poll this week asked about Thanksgiving and which side disk could be removed forever if possible. I actually never have mac & cheese at Thanksgiving, but I love it, so I kept that one. I never eat sweet potatoes, so that was my choice. I typically don’t eat green bean casserole, but I can tolerate it.