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Browns fans’ confidence continues sinking to 17% after fourth straight loss

Also, the Bills, Cleveland’s Week 10 opponent, are considered one of the league’s pretenders.

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This week’s FanPulse voting results are in, heading into Week 10 of the NFL season. If you haven’t signed up to vote each week, you can still do so here.

The Browns confidence dropped 18 percentage points from 35% to 17% between Weeks 9 and 10. It was the result of their fourth straight loss of the season. It’s one thing to lose to the 49ers, Seahawks, and Patriots, three of the better teams in the NFL, but losing to the Broncos, a team starting a new quarterback for his first time, is depressing. Cleveland still has the slimmest of chances to turn things around, but they really can’t afford to lose any more games.

There were three national polls this week, so let’s look at each of them. The first one asked which of the top teams (record-wise) in the NFL is a pretender. By far, the leading voter-getter was this week’s opponent for the Browns, the Buffalo Bills. If Cleveland could actually play a smart game for once, that’s a good sign for them.

The next national question asked which fanbase between the Dolphins, Redskins, Bengals, Falcons, and Jets need a hug. One could vouch that the Browns are in there with these teams as far as needing a hug goes, but the difference is that Cleveland isn’t trying to be in the level of tank mode like these teams are. In that regard, I think the Jets are the next closest team — they want to win and have their franchise quarterback, yet still suffered defeat to the previously-winless Dolphins last week.

Lastly, fans were asked who the best team in the NFC East is. I went with the Dallas Cowboys, and they just barely edged out the Philadelphia Eagles.