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OBJ, Landry dispel speculation that they want out

Cleveland wide receivers confirm what rational Browns fans already knew to be true.

Tennessee Titans v Cleveland Browns Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

It would not be December in Cleveland without rampant speculation from unnamed sources about something or other dealing with the Cleveland Browns.

In recent weeks, much of the noise has centered on the future of Odell Beckham Jr., who reportedly has spent much of his free time asking any opposing player or team official within earshot to get him out of Cleveland.

Beckham, who might have some actual insider information on the subject, put that to rest on Wednesday, according to

“I am not going anywhere. I will be here. We are going to figure this thing out. It is just too special to leave. All these people, it is just easy to talk about and it is cop out. It is an easy thing to do and cause a little controversy and a little friction. I feel like in my experiences in the league and going through the troubles that I did, I can now see how those stories… For me, it is never going to affect me but then it is like, does it cause a little friction between you and a teammate who does not necessarily know what it is you are thinking? It is just done. It is time to just put it to bed. I am going to be here. There is nothing more to talk about.”

Fellow wide receiver Jarvis Landry found himself caught up in the vortex following Sunday’s loss to the Arizona Cardinals when NFL Network’s Mike Silver reported that Landry was one of “multiple” Cleveland players who told Arizona players to “come get me” before the end of the game. (We would link to the Tweet, but Silver has a high majority of Browns fans blocked in the aftermath of Hue Jackson’s disastrous head coaching stint.)

When asked about it on Wednesday, Landry made his feelings very clear about the “report,” according to

“Yeah, I would never say nothing like that. I do not even want to talk about it. I did not feel like I had to address it. I think that the passion and the team I play for that they trust and know my heart and know that I am in this and I would never look to another team during a game, especially that we are losing and say come get me with a worse record than we have. Mike (Silver) or whoever the source was, it is all about clicks now and I get it, but at the end of the day, do not try and slander my name. If you did not hear me say it directly, you should not have to be able to report about it.”

Unfortunately, the continued losing makes it easy for these types of stories to proliferate and for many people to take them at face value because they involve the Browns.

Hopefully Beckham and Landry can put their words into action and help the Browns turn around the current mess the team finds itself mired in.

And if that happens, Browns fans may be able to finally enjoy a December that is filled with more than reports about who has one foot out the door.